Kizhi30 – Pouch massage local


Kizhi local is performed if one limb or one particular body part need to be addressed for example hand or shoulder or lower back.
Note: Kizhi-s are herbal linen pouches. Kizhi local includes 10 minutes of light Abhyangam massage and 20 minutes of only in the particular lim or body area. In Kizhi treatment the herbal linen pouches are dipped in specifically recommended herbal oils and then made warm and massaged on the body. The ingredients of the herbal pouch and herbal oils will be selected as directed by the Ayurvedic specialists.

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Product Description


  • Relieves muscular spasms.
  • Improves texture of the skin.
  • Detoxify skin.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Relieves water retention in the body.



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