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Consultation with one of our Vaidya/Ayurvedic Specialist in which many aspects of your current and past situation will be discussed in relation with your lifestyle, temperament, natural cravings, individual body systems, possible sickness and possibility if its recurrence. Vaidya analyses your physiology through Ayurvedic approaches to understand your level of Dosha/Energy balances or imbalances and will educate you the Ayurvedic ways to correct those. If you are struggling with any digestion issues, sleep problems, anxiety or depression, fatigue, lack of energy, headaches or migraine, chronic pains, consider an Ayurvedic Consultation with us to determine the root of the problem. Advised to bring a notepad to take notes during consultation for your future references. Again please bring any document which may help Vaidya to understand your situation better.


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  • One to one discussion with Ayurveda Vaidya about Ayurveda and issues need to be addressed.
  • Gathering of information by Vaidya to help understand situation.
  •  Finding out Prakruthi (Personality type) and Vikruthi( Energy imbalance) in you through Ayurvedic approach.
  • Discussion about Panchakarma therapy and herbs suited for the situation presented.
  • Therapy planning.
  • Specific diet suggestions.
  • Educate you about follow up Panchakarma plan which need to be done at home for continued benefits.


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