Ayurveda Under Cultivation

An Aranyaka is an ancient Vedic text that was composed in, and meant to be studied in, a forest. Though the texts of classical Ayurveda were written with urbanites in mind, they are verily aranyakas in spirit, for they carry to city dwellers an urgent “back to Nature” message. To better access that message let us for a moment remove ourselves from the metropolis

Dispensing teachings and healing, inspired by the tree’s prana, guided by its intelligence, permitting the natural curative energy of the universe to flow through into student and patient, resisting the blandishments of the ego that yearns to claim doer ship. Ayurveda herself is a living entity – we can call her the Ayur Vidya – who, being an innate property of the cosmos, exists mainly in the non-physical world. She develops and spreads in our world with the help of suitable hosts, sending her shakti into both the substances used in healing and the healers who use those substances, facilitating healthy relationships between those roots and fruits that are administered and the hands that administer them. The wise practitioner of Ayurveda seeks only to serve as a fit vessel for her wisdom, rather to pretend any personal capacity to accomplish anything.

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